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Your business is growing. More customers, more turnover and also more staff. But who do you hire, how do you retain them and how do you develop their talents? Eissens HR & Legal help companies with the more complex and difficult HR issues. On a strategic level the following questions will be assessed; • Are you compliant in terms of contracts, procedures, or is your company at risk? • Do they have the right skills, motivation, drive and experience for optimal dedication to your organisation? • Will they improve your organization and stimulate short term as well as long term growth? This applies to leaders, managers and teams.

We also work tactically as a business partner to strengthen your organisation. From organisational and talent development, to defining your remuneration strategy and coaching team sessions. We work in a solution-oriented way, practical in our approach and implementation and do what is necessary. It is what we call HR As a Service!

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Labour law has developed rapidly over the past few years and is an area of law that never stands still. These fast developments are what sometimes makes it so complicated for entrepreneurs. Which is exactly where our added value lies.

Eissens HR & Legal supports employers who get stuck in the maze of regulations surrounding illness, parental leave, employment conditions or, for example, an employment conflict. The (financial) stakes are often high and care is crucial. We know the rules and help entrepreneurs make the right legal decisions even in the event of dismissal. Which will save your company money and a lot of aggravation.

Gaining employees as an entrepreneur will also increase the amount of complex issues within your company. As soon as a company has more than 50 employees, a works council is mandatory. The Works Councils Act is not straightforward and a company benefits from a smooth form of employee participation. It requires a proper set up, which is where we can support you.

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Who am I?

HR professional, employment lawyer, father of 2, and lover of travel, sports, music and cooking. Now living in the middle of the country.  After an HBO degree in Tourism and Hospitality in Breda, I studied Law in Utrecht. After exploring the pensions field for a short period, I developed as a HR professional at largely successful companies such as Center Parcs, CSM and Accor Hospitality. I have always found it tremendously interesting to combine HR and labour law and apply them in practice. After a Masters in Executive Change management, I carried out several large transition assignments for, among others, a Pharma company. Eventually I chose to combine a period as a consultant with a council membership before working at Ecolab, for 5 years as HR manager and European HRBP. More info? check out my LinkedIn


Supporting companies in their sustainable growth. Helping to develop an environment and culture where employees are happy, motivated and know what to do. I want to relieve the companies stress by solving the complex personnel issues. In short, to add value so that the organisation can grow successfully.

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Als Country Manager Ecolab kijk ik terug op een geweldige samenwerking over de laatste 3 jaar.  Als HR Manager voor alle Divisies in Nederland heb je de reorganisaties van de divisies en functies geweldig begeleid en natuurlijk ook de sluiting van de fabriek in Nieuwegein. De sluiting van de fabriek was gefundeerd voorbereid en het personeel heeft jullie ondersteuning enorm gewaardeerd. De relaties met de drie Ecolab en Nalco ondernemingraden was voortreffelijk hetgeen ons door een aantal moeilijke beslissingen heeft kunnen loodsen.  Ik heb je als betrokken en zeer empathisch meegemaakt en was daardoor erg geliefd bij de medewerkers.

Johannes Stalenburg. Country Manager Ecolab Nederland

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Martin de Vries | CEO
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