Business model

Your HR/ Labor lawyer on call

●      Basic service level agreement (SLA)
●      Fixed amount per month from €300 to €500
●      Hourly rate of €70

Many entrepreneurs or growing companies, as well as scale-ups, gradually need more professional support in bringing in the right staff, but also need support with numerous employee issues, which arise on a daily basis. These may be situations that are not easy to solve and require attention. Doing nothing can lead to absence, labour disputes and turnover, and growing companies certainly do not want that. We are there for you on standby, available at any time and pragmatically focused on solutions. You are hiring knowledge, expertise and experience when you, as an entrepreneur, need it. Call for your legal counsel. It is what we call HR As a Service!

Individual assignments (HR/Legal)

●      Hourly rate of €140 per hour

Strategic HR issues, or complex employment law cases with your personnel / or one of your employees, we are happy to take on. We often see immediately what is going on to make the right intervention. Prevention is so much better than escalation. But we are also a suitable party to hire for employment conditions advice, pension issues and reintegration obligations.


Interim assignments

●      Flat fee between €750 and €1250 depending on severity and complexity of a situation.

Hiring a professional ad interim can be the most optimal solution in many cases. Companies need a replacement for the regular HR who drops out, in which case we offer an experienced HR lead who can quickly oversee the situation and add stability  and maintain order on a temporary basis. An experienced change manager is also worth his weight in gold when a company is going through a transition, such as an acquisition, sale or outsourcing. Depending on the importance of the assignment and its duration, we charge for half a day.


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